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Don’t let opportunities fall through the cracks. Our CRM simplifies and segments contacts into dynamic Smart Lists to help you engage every lead via SMS, Email, Workflow and more. Need to shoot a quick text or email to a list of contacts? Or move a segmented cohort into a Pipeline? Bulk Actions make it happen with a click! Managing your CRM shouldn’t mean being tethered to your computer. Access your contacts, leads, and customers on the go with our Mobile App.

Website & Funnel Builder

Our responsive sales and lead generating website builder empowers your online presence. Craft sleek, mobile-friendly sites effortlessly, ensuring seamless access for potential leads across devices. Effortlessly capture visitor interest through customizable forms and engaging content. Tailor your site to target specific demographics, enhancing lead generation. From captivating landing pages to intuitive contact forms, our platform streamlines the conversion process. Don't miss out on valuable leads—optimize your digital storefront today!

Restaurant Blog

Showcase your expertise in the Vegan Restaurant Niche with Blogging.  Create enticing, entertaining posts and answer the questions your prospects are searching for. Use the power of AI to write high-quality content in minutes. Select a tone for your blogs or articles and add specific keywords to help optimize everything you publish. Schedule when you want your posts to go live, then use RSS feeds for your blogs to notify your community via email each time a new post goes live.

Forms & Surveys

Effortlessly capture and manage high-quality leads with our versatile platform. Customize and embed forms seamlessly into your funnels, websites, or third-party platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Wix. Segment leads effectively with tailored surveys, enabling targeted marketing campaigns for optimal engagement. Enhance website functionality with customizable pop-up forms, ensuring clear call-to-action prompts across all platforms. With our solution, conquer lead generation with precision and efficiency.

Smart Chat widget

Stay connected effortlessly with our Smart Webchat Widget, empowering visitors to initiate SMS conversations directly from your website. Our live chat functionality ensures real-time engagement, seamlessly transitioning conversations to text messages for unparalleled accessibility. Whether your website is built on HighLevel or not, our website-agnostic approach enables hassle-free installation across multiple platforms, ensuring consistent connectivity and customer support.

FB & TikTok Lead Forms

Maximize your social media presence with our CRM. Utilize Facebook and TikTok lead forms to seamlessly generate leads. HighLevel integrates directly with these platforms, eliminating the need for third-party tools like Zapier. Leads flow directly into your CRM, triggering automated nurture sequences instantly. Say goodbye to wasted time—connect lead forms with automated nurturing for lightning-fast engagement with every lead.

Nurture & Turn Leads into Restaurant Customers


Unlock the power of limitless automations with Workflows, nurturing leads effortlessly on autopilot. Seamlessly connect with clients through various channels like Email, SMS, social media, and more, all managed within your workflows. Enjoy streamlined communication with hundreds of actions and triggers, including premium features for integrating data from external sources like Google and Slack. Let HighLevel handle the heavy lifting of communication for you.

Social Media Scheduler

Our Social Media Planner simplifies content creation by allowing marketers to schedule a full year's worth of content effortlessly, powered by AI for high-quality output in minutes. With our content calendar, uploading and scheduling social media posts becomes seamless, including features like approval flow and easy content uploading via spreadsheets (CSV). Additionally, gain access to our Template Library, offering thousands of industry-specific social post templates complete with graphics and content, ready to post.

Online Scheduling

Our Software simplifies booking with its fully-automated scheduling system, eliminating the worry of missed calls or forgotten appointments. Customize calendars for individuals, teams, or webinars, and create personalized booking pages with customized reminders to minimize no-shows. With robust features like round-robin assignments, paid appointments, custom availability, and seamless Google & Outlook sync, HighLevel offers a comprehensive booking solution without the need for additional tools.

Courses & Trainings

Our software facilitates the creation and distribution of digital products, memberships, and coaching programs, empowering businesses to expand their offerings and build brand authority. Tailor courses for onboarding, coaching, and training programs, fostering customer education and community growth. Whether for recorded training in your restaurant or establishing a private restaurant community, our platform enables seamless content delivery. Membership options, both free and paid, come fully equipped with features like quizzes, assessments, and custom mobile apps, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.


Efficiently manage leads and contacts by customizing pipelines to track their progression through various stages, ensuring no opportunity falls through the cracks. Utilize automated triggers to seamlessly move opportunities along pipelines, enabling easy drag-and-drop functionality for both you and your customers. Gain insights from optimization reports generated by each pipeline, identifying areas for improvement to enhance future campaign performance and maximize results.

Turn Customers Into Positive Reviews And Repeat Buyers

Reputation Center

Discover the power of centralized reviews with our comprehensive platform. Easily access and manage all your reviews, whether existing or pending, in one convenient location. Engage with feedback and address concerns promptly to maintain a positive reputation. Showcase your best reviews effortlessly with our versatile review widget, perfect for your HighLevel site or integration into any third-party platform using embed code. Take charge of your online presence with our Reputation Management Tab, gaining valuable insights into your brand and client perception across the internet. Monitor key metrics such as average rating, review counts, and emerging trends to shape and enhance your online narrative effectively.

Review Requests

Stay engaged with your audience through our "Conversations" tab, where you'll receive instant notifications of new reviews. Easily manage and respond to reviews, even disputing them if necessary. Automate the review request process with our Workflow feature, effortlessly sending requests via email and text. Customize filters within Reputation Management to focus on specific review criteria such as network, rating, and date, clearing the clutter and streamlining your workflow.

Restaurant Listings

Ensure your business stands out with our Yext integration, spreading your listings across key citation sources online. Seamlessly manage and update your business information from one centralized platform. Monitor the health of your listings and address any issues swiftly through our intuitive interface. With our "Manage Listing" button, effortlessly resolve any concerns directly from your Yext account.

Review Widget

Effortlessly post 5-star reviews across websites with our reviews widget, streamlining your process. Regularly updated reviews showcase your dedication to customer satisfaction, building trust with potential clients. Forget resizing headaches—our widget adjusts seamlessly to all device sizes, ensuring a consistent user experience.

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